shadow fight 3 blossom Festival

Shadow Fight 3 Blossom Festival event has already started!
Shadow Fight 3 offers the Blossom Festival quest During the spring Season.

 Fight Modes 

There are a total of eight stages in this mode. The value of the reward will increase as you reach the next stage. If you want to win the mode, you should win all eight stages.

The game has two modes: Grand & Regular.

Grand is more complex and presents with higher rewards. Each level has arbitrary rules.
There are no arbitrary rules in Regular, but the rewards are lower than in Grand.


They will encounter prototypes with weaponry from the Heralds and abilities from the Shadows.
Their fighting style is the same as that of the Heralds.
The player needs 2 victories over the 3 complex rounds to win it.


Trophies are the rewards, which can be redeemed for Unique Booster Packs in the Shadow Fight 3 festival.
It will cost 250 trophies to purchase a Basic Unique Pack. Three Regular and one epic card are included in this pack.
Twelve hundred trophies are needed to purchase the Premium Unique Pack.
The more you win the stages more you get the trophies. In certain stages, players will receive a one-time reward (for completing specific stages).

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