Shadow Fight 2 Hidden Best Weapons and Magic

You know about the Shadow Fight 2 All Weapons with their abilities. This is very helpful for choosing the Weapons & characters against your opponent. However, if you are going to have a fight with the Shadow Fight 2 bosses with the best weapons, this article will help you choose the right weapon.

Shadow Fight 2 All Weapons – Top 10

Big Swords

This trademark big-buster sword loves the final fantasy, fan or not. These double blades iconic double-blade weapons have a strong resemblance and can do critical damage to an opponent.


This double-sided spear weapon comes with high damage power, and the look of the spear is appreciative. Use these weapons against the shadow fight 2 last boss to win the battle.

Harrier Hooks

These double hooks Shadow Fight 2 weapons are good for medium-range and have useful Critical Damage with enchantment and a high critical score. The fancy shapes of the blades are snowing on the cake.

Butterfly Swords

How do I ignore this weapon in Shadow Fight 2? It looks very authentic and so sleek. If you have cash, buy and use this sword against the opponent. Redeem the Gems and Money By Downloading the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 


There are two handler weapons in the real deal. They come with lifetime enchantment with the epic look and admire the look of the devastating weapons with devasting power.


The holding capacity of this weapon is very strong, and it is deadly for close-range targets.

Pharaoh’s Khopeshes

This curved sword is very dangerous and has a bleeding enchantment that makes the enemies peel on the floor. The sword can do great damage at a critical rate that will shred your enemy.


A weapon comes with an expensive style; this weapon is good attacks for all ranges, though it can take some time to get used to. This weapon is very useful against enemies who use the ranged weapon and black magic.

Staff of Night

It looks sinister and very dangerous. The staff of night has a great ability to recharge your magic through the enchantment with great damage. Check out this weapon if you like magic, awesome overpowered, and stave.

Blood Reaper

I won’t forget this ultimate weapon. Blood Reaper has great bleeding enchantment and an amazing fighting style and does extra damage. Buy this weapon and show off your fighting skills. Use these weapons against the opponent to beat them because they are the best.

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