Shadow fight 3 all bosses

Shadow Fight 3 Bosses are a unique style of fighting with the players. Shadow Fight 3 Allows customizing their character and its fighting abilities. You can fight with your style and win the battle. This game has a three-dimensional fighting character that looks lifelike.

Heroes have epic fighting styles, and fighting is more challenging when you fight with the boss, so focus on the fighting skills. The boss fight requires three rounds to win the game. After the defeat of the boss, you get rewards with gems.

Shadow Fight 3 has the top 7 chapters, each with the end bosses. Defeat the boss, and then enter the new chapter.

Shadow Fight 3 Bosses

Shadow Fight 3 Bosses As A Characters

Here is the list of best  bosses, chapter-wise (Legion, Dynasty, Heralds, Island, Heart of Legion)

Chapter 1: Shadow Fight 3 Legion bosses

Deng Rao(Golden Breaker)

Dang Rao is the first boss to be defeated in Chapter 1. Deng Rao brandishes a dadoo and exclaims the dragon’s roar. You fight with him last five rounds, and three rounds win in advance. He fights with the dynasty style.

Gizmo(Old friend)

Gizmo is the second boss in Legion Chapter 1. Gizmo also trained you at the start of the game and is also a member of the shadow squad. He fights like a boss in the middle of the Legion. Gizmo used three different and exclusive moves and perks. He fights with the powerful battle sword. When he hits the sword, maybe you freeze. After stunning, he drops the sword and fights empty-handed.

Sarge(You Were A Son To Me)

Sarge is the most famous character in Shadow Fight 3. He is the final boss of a legion. Sarge has more power to defeat the opponent by himself. At the start of the fight, you can easily beat the sarge. He is the last boss of Legion.

Once you beat the sarge, it breaks the rules and prevents you from winning the battle. He uses the sarge walk as armor to protect himself from wielding. He spins his twin hammers called Bonecrusher. When he is close to another player, he hits you on the abdomen and punches you on the head.

Chapter 2: Shadow Fight 3 Dynasty


He is the main and the first boss of chapter 3. He has two special abilities and 2 shadow ninja techniques. Using the abilities, they refill their health every 5 seconds and reflect all the attacks.

Xiang Tzu(Newly-Fledged Herald)

Xiang is the second boss. He is the best fighter in his field and teaches fighting, and he is also a fighter in a hundred school tournaments. He will hit himself when he is doing the tricky combo.

Kibo(rig blown up)

She is the last boss of the dynasty and the agent of three arrows. Junes is the childhood friend of Kibo in Iron Break School. She has exclusive shadow ability, when she hits the opponent, it flies in the air, slashes with proceeding, and then slams on the ground with massive damage.

Chapter 3: Shadow Fight 3 Heralds

Bolo(Bolo The Sixth)

The first boss of Shadow 3 is Bolo. He performs many experiments on himself but does not waste time with the members of the three arrows. He has different abilities to create a vortex, which can directly trap you on the floor with serious damage.

Marcus(Breaking The Void)

He is the boss and the legion general who leads the fighters(army). Marcus has a massive sword called an old-timer. He has exclusive fighting speed, making it hard to fight because sometimes the attack is very quick, as you have seen.

Emperor(Shadow Descendant)

He is the last boss of the chapter Herald. He has the exclusive ability to gain shadow monster forms. The ability to constantly attack with the extent of his back into tentacles.

Chapter 5: Shadow Fight 3 Island

Master Okada(Creator Of Shadows)

Okada is the 1st boss of the island. He is an assistant of Bolo and an expert in shadow bots. They have a herald fighting style with the use of kusarigama.

Chief(Shadow Times)

The Chief Chieftain is 2nd boss of Chapter 5. He has an entire control battlefield with the ability of waves of tangling roots.

Angel(Inner Evil)

Angel has three different abilities and two unique abilities merciless strike and judgmental power. He is the last boss using the Arbitrator.

Chapter 6: Shadow Fight 3 Heart Of Legion

Xiang Tzu(Triple style fighter)

Xiang is a boss. He has fixed fighting styles like dynasty, heralds, and legion. He can also use three pieces of equipment in this chapter, a pair of Sai, a one-handed sword, and a staff. He has the ability to increase the attack and defense levels.

Queen lolanda(The doll)

She used the blue-colored Accusers as their helper. She can extend her health level, detach her limits, and have many enchantments in her body.

Shadow Mind(Perfect Fusion)

She is the last boss of the Shadow Mind and can use the 5 normal abilities and 3 special abilities. She has different fighting styles as compared to other bosses of the chapters.

Chapter 7: Shadow Fight 3

Bolo(Deja Vu)

Bolo has used very scary nodachi with an expensive ability. His ability to refill his health, Reverse time, and stop everything

Chief Gizmo(Gizmo the immortal)

He can use shadow foam in shadow fields. The shield prevents heavy damage from brass knuckles. He uses the soft brim.

Nomad Jet(Wasteland ashes)

Invisibility is the best shadow ability. She has the first boss of part 2 perform very well and sneaky tricks.

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Shadow is the last boss of the game. He played 7 rounds in June’s plan to win the battle. The hero is very powerful with scary and unique abilities.
You can also win the shadow fight arena battles by working on your fighting skills and abilities.

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